• 2016/12/10


    NY Blue Note Label in the history of 75years,
    the world pianist Takashi Matsunaga established the youngest leader recording record.
    It is a unit “Jarex” of world pianist Takashi Matsunaga and saxophonist Tetsuo Takagi!
  • 2016/12/09

    Takashi Matsunaga LINK

    Takashi Matsunaga(Pianist, Composer)

    Born in 1986. Jazz giant, Hank Jones praised his piano skill when Takashi was 13.
    Matsunaga has made his debut at the age of 17 with the album "Takashi"which became a best seller.
    After performing with Herbie Hancock at Tokyo Jazz 2003, he was acclaimedfrom musicians from all over the world.
    In 2004, released the album "Strom Zone"(Blue Note Records) in USA,
    Europe and Asian countries and became the youngest artist to record a leader album for the renowned Blue Note label in it’s 75 year history by breaking the record of Miles Davis.
    He writes and plays various theme music for news programs & TVcommercials.
    He also works on classical music enthusiastically and plays with many orchestras inside and outside of Japan.
    He played with his own Jazz piano Trio in front of the Crown Prince & Princess Aiko in 2009 and he also played solo in front of prime minister Abe in 2013.
    In December 2013, Takashi Matsunaga performed piano at the Louvre museum for SNBA reception supported by Francois Hollande, President of France and top of The Ministry of Culture in France acclaimed "His piano amazes people in the world."
    In 2015 Takashi was invited to attend the 20th anniversary of Poland’s Manggha Muzeum, where he performed in front of Poland’s president.
    He also composed the Muzeum’s theme song.
    His distinguished sense of rhythm and overwhelming pianism are critically acclaimed from both inside and outside of Japan.

  • 2016/12/09

    Tetsuo Takagi

    Tetsuo Takagi(Sax)

    In charge of baritone saxphone at the big band “He Knows” led by trumpeter Hino Terumasa.
    Sunset in Paris,Frane in 2016 Appeared on the Sunside Jazz Club and fascinated the full house of audience.
    Hot live performances in Tokyo,osaka and France are popular,and we plan to perform in overseas 10countries and 12domestic places.
    In 2017 I formed a new unit “JaRex” with pianist Takashi Matsunaga.
    We plans to appear in Japan's biggest jazz event “Tokyo Jazz 2017”.
  • 2016/12/08

    Takashi MATSUNAGA & Tetsuo TAKAGI LINK

    December 10,2016
    Sunset Sunside Jazz Club in Paris,France

  • 2016/12/07

    JaRex Live in Brazil!! LINK

    The JaRex summer live will be held in Brazil / Rio de Janeiro Triboz-Rio on August 17,2017 !

    Bass and Drums are local musicians
    Rodrigo Villa (Ba)
    Emile Saubole (Dr)
    I will deliver a cool live with two of you!

    Let's get excited in Brazil with JaRex this summer ♬
    Feel free to contact us, we will be waiting! (^^)

    Reservation:+55 21 2210-0366
    Rua Conde de Lages, 19
    20241-080 Rio de Janeiro - RJ

    JAREX viver de verão é feito no Brasil / Rio de Janeiro TribOz-Rio!
    Em 17 de agosto de 2017 
    É um músico local para Baixo e Bateria
    Rodrigo Villa (Ba)
    Emile Saubole (Dr)
    2 pessoas vão entregar um serviço de pick-up ao vivo para incandescente!
    Vamos clímax no Brasil com este verão JAREX♬
    Estamos ansiosos para não hesite em contactar-nos! (^^)

    reserva:+55 21 2210-0366
    Rua Conde de Lages, 19
    20241-080 Rio de Janeiro - RJ

  • 2016/12/06

    Brazil live packed thanks! ! Thank you (^^)!

    On August 17, 2017 live at Rio was full of guest live ✨

    After all, everyone was standing upstanding
    and I was excited (*^_^*)!

    Thank you very much (^^)!!
  • 2016/12/05


    The other day September 20,2017,
    The JaRex Live which was held at “JAZZ AT KITANO” was a great success!
    Thank you very much !!(*^^*)

    A lot of people came to see the live performances and it was a great success this time.
    Thank you to everyone who came!

    And,this time it was a live during between the United Nations General Assembly being held,but Japanese Prime Minister Abe came to the live while I was very busy at the General Assembly of the United Nations !!
    It became a night that everyone in the live venue can forget.

    Next time we will perform at “Sapporo KU”,September 29(Fir) !
    If you are nearby, please come and visit us !!
    Maybe there is still room for some seats,so please don't hesitate to contact HP or shops !

  • 2016/12/04

    Hungary Budapest "Jazz Club Budapest" !

    On December 2, 2017 we did a live performance in Budapest, Hungary "Jazz Club Budapest"!
    It was a great success live together with Hungarian wonderful musicians and tickets sold out!
    There were lots of standing visitors and it was very exciting.
    Thank you very much(*^^*)‼️
  • 2016/12/03

    Poland Warszawa “Teatr Syrena” !

    On December 3, 2017 we performed live at "Teatr Syrena" in Warsaw, Poland !
    Following the live of Hungary the other day, I had him play with a wonderful musician in Poland.
    At the lovely concert hall, the live was successful in the great cheers.
    I had a wonderful time.
    Thank you everyone ! (*^^*)✨